Yuri Mintskovsky – Interests and Hobbies

Yuri Mintskovsky has many interests and many hobbies.

Owing in part to his upbringing, Mintskovsky enjoys the outdoors and the peace and solitude of getting back to nature.  “A great way to recharge your proverbial batteries is to spend a few hours hiking along the many trails nearby” he once said.  Not only is it good for the mind, but good for the body as well.

Yuri is also an avid traveler, having been to many different states as well as countries.  He enjoys learning about new cultures along with the diversity the world has to offer.

He has quite the collection of books and is an avid reader.  Philosophy and World History are his two favorite subjects, which go hand in hand with his travels around the world.

Minskovsky also enjoys regular exercise, be it taking the dog for a walk around the neighborhood or just hitting the gym for a few hours.  “A great way to keep both a healthy body and mind is to engage in regular exercise on a weekly basis.” He enjoys cardiovascular fitness as well as lifting weights to keep toned and stay in shape.

Yuri likes to keep his activities diverse to the point where he is always trying out something new and exciting.