voluntourismDo you know what Voluntourism is? If you’re an avid traveller like Yuri Mintskovsky, you probably know what it is but just don’t know the lingo. Voluntourism, a fairly new term, defines a trip made for the purpose of volunteering your services to improve the living conditions of the people, animals or environment of your destination. With the heightening of social awareness, people in developed nations are opting to go on voluntours more and more; it’s a trend that is increasing in popularity. Travel broadens your perspective, and a voluntour can further enrich your soul. As a tourist, you may bring money to spend thereby adding to the local economy, but often this is not enough to make a profound impact on the lives of residents.

What You Can Expect On A Voluntour
Volunteering, just like in your own country, is an investment of your time and effort to create a better society. Even though you may not think you can help, you can. There are several things you may be able to do, and it’s just a matter of finding what it is you’d prefer. For example, you may be able to teach English or another subject to residents who do not have the money or ability to go to school. You may be able to help build houses. Or you may be able to Ā strengthen efforts to protect wildlife.

Usually, most people who take this type of holiday do so for a longer period of time. It may be for one to several months, depending on what they’d like to accomplish. However, just because you only have 1 week, you can still make a difference.

Voluntourism will probably not provide you with as many creature comforts as a regular vacation will. Be prepared to forgo luxuries. If you want to relax and live in the lap of luxury, this kind of holiday is definitely not for you!

For your next holiday, consider voluntourism. It’s a different experience that can make your trip more worthwhile.

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