Why You Need a Good Bedroom TV Lift

Do you have a TV Lift in your bedroom?
Most of us enjoy watching a bit of television before we end our day, and millions of North Americans across the continent like doing this nightly ritual in the bedroom. Despite health experts recommending that we don’t watch TV in the bedroom because it can disrupt sleep and promote obesity, we still do it because there is simply no better way to relax – but only if you have a TV Lift.

A TV Lift in the bedroom makes it more convenient and relaxing to enjoy your past time. And here’s why:

Better Positioning
Bedroom TV Lifts can provide better positioning of the television to make the experience more comfortable. Why? Because it allows you to place the television in the most strategic possible place without any concern for space limitations or how it will look aesthetically. TV Lifts are designed to keep everything neat and tidy, revealing what it hides only when you want it to be seen. That means you can place your TV at the end of the bed, where most people prefer it to be, and not worry about it being in the way or looking bad. You won’t have to arch or crane your head while you relax, or assume an incredibly uncomfortable position. It makes the viewing experience far more enjoyable!

Out of Sight Out of Mind
Once you’re finished watching TV, the TV Lift will hide it away for you so it no longer tempts you to watch more. Many people find the mere presence of a TV, even when not on, to be distracting (much like prepared food within arm’s length). If they see a television, they’ll turn it on and watch it. To prevent this, a TV Lift keeps the television out of sight until you want to actually watch it. No more temptation and mindless procrastination! You’ll be able to clean your bedroom, get some work done, or talk with your loved one without the distraction of a TV’s presence.

TV Lifts are great mechanisms that can help you improve your relaxation time and maintain the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. Get one for the foot of your bed today.


voluntourismDo you know what Voluntourism is? If you’re an avid traveller like Yuri Mintskovsky, you probably know what it is but just don’t know the lingo. Voluntourism, a fairly new term, defines a trip made for the purpose of volunteering your services to improve the living conditions of the people, animals or environment of your destination. With the heightening of social awareness, people in developed nations are opting to go on voluntours more and more; it’s a trend that is increasing in popularity. Travel broadens your perspective, and a voluntour can further enrich your soul. As a tourist, you may bring money to spend thereby adding to the local economy, but often this is not enough to make a profound impact on the lives of residents.

What You Can Expect On A Voluntour
Volunteering, just like in your own country, is an investment of your time and effort to create a better society. Even though you may not think you can help, you can. There are several things you may be able to do, and it’s just a matter of finding what it is you’d prefer. For example, you may be able to teach English or another subject to residents who do not have the money or ability to go to school. You may be able to help build houses. Or you may be able to  strengthen efforts to protect wildlife.

Usually, most people who take this type of holiday do so for a longer period of time. It may be for one to several months, depending on what they’d like to accomplish. However, just because you only have 1 week, you can still make a difference.

Voluntourism will probably not provide you with as many creature comforts as a regular vacation will. Be prepared to forgo luxuries. If you want to relax and live in the lap of luxury, this kind of holiday is definitely not for you!

For your next holiday, consider voluntourism. It’s a different experience that can make your trip more worthwhile.

Taking Photos Without the Shake

camera lens

If you’re a photographer like Yuri, you probably love taking photos wherever you go, especially when you travel.

New places are rife with photo opportunities and capturing them on camera is a fantastic way to enhance the experience obtained through travel. Unfortunately, taking shots while you’re also exploring new sights and sounds often leads to a very common problem, no matter how experienced you are: blurry photos. A terrible thing that can ruin your memories.

Blurry photos is the result of a camera that’s not held steady. While you could use camera support to combat this problem, who really wants to lug around a tripod while travelling? It’s excess baggage and not really conducive to capturing a moment, since they can be so fleeting.

So, to minimize the shake of your camera while taking a photo, try this:

After getting into position, hold the camera as steady as possible. You can try resting your arms on a railing or setting it down on a ledge to achieve this. Then, press and release the button as gently as possible, so that these actions won’t shake the camera up and down. Try doing this with your index finger, since it generally has the most control.

You Might Want To Consider Buying Another Camera
Other things to consider that can contribute to camera shake include the weight of the camera (heavier ones are harder to control since you’ll probably get tired of holding the camera faster), zooming and longer shutter speeds. You may want to buy another camera just to take on your travels.

If these tips don’t help, you can always resort to getting a camera with “image-stabilization” (IS), which is a fairly new feature that is designed to resolve this problem.

Don’t let blurry photos ruin your vacation memories. Follow these tips to minimize camera shake.

No more tripods needed!