Taking Photos Without the Shake

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If you’re a photographer like Yuri, you probably love taking photos wherever you go, especially when you travel.

New places are rife with photo opportunities and capturing them on camera is a fantastic way to enhance the experience obtained through travel. Unfortunately, taking shots while you’re also exploring new sights and sounds often leads to a very common problem, no matter how experienced you are: blurry photos. A terrible thing that can ruin your memories.

Blurry photos is the result of a camera that’s not held steady. While you could use camera support to combat this problem, who really wants to lug around a tripod while travelling? It’s excess baggage and not really conducive to capturing a moment, since they can be so fleeting.

So, to minimize the shake of your camera while taking a photo, try this:

After getting into position, hold the camera as steady as possible. You can try resting your arms on a railing or setting it down on a ledge to achieve this. Then, press and release the button as gently as possible, so that these actions won’t shake the camera up and down. Try doing this with your index finger, since it generally has the most control.

You Might Want To Consider Buying Another Camera
Other things to consider that can contribute to camera shake include the weight of the camera (heavier ones are harder to control since you’ll probably get tired of holding the camera faster), zooming and longer shutter speeds. You may want to buy another camera just to take on your travels.

If these tips don’t help, you can always resort to getting a camera with “image-stabilization” (IS), which is a fairly new feature that is designed to resolve this problem.

Don’t let blurry photos ruin your vacation memories. Follow these tips to minimize camera shake.

No more tripods needed!